Paper and cardboard assortment for artists

Recommended processing sequence.


Sample A1-A2, 250-380g/m2, glazed, white, finished paper

·          Planographic printing,  i.e. lithography, offset ,   Serigraphy,

·          Typographic printing, i.e. linocut, wood engraving print, etc.

·          Drawing, grease pastel, pencil, ink, etc.

Sample B, C1, E1- E4, K, R, 220-300g/m2, porous surface

·          Intaglio printing, i.e. dry needle, etching, aquatint, mezzotint,

·          Copperplate, etc. (moistened paper), white and chamois

·          Typographic printing,  i.e. linocut, wood engraving print (moistened and dry paper)

·          Planographic printing, lithography (moistened and dry paper)

·          Watercolour painting  (moist paper)

·          Drawing, pastel dry, greasy, pencil, ink etc.

Sample G, F, 240g/m2, white, structured surface

·          Watercolour  (moist paper)

·          Intaglio printing – all techniques (moist paper)

Sample J1-J2„ 150-170g/m2, natural white, bibliophile

·          Suitable for bibliophile processing of all accompanying graphical techniques, favourable properties for water colouring.

·          Drawing, dry and grease pastel, pencil, ink etc.

ECO-cardboard, 180-250g/m2, in natural or colour shades

·          Auxiliary accompanying material which may surprise us pleasantly during its processing by any of the above techniques


Price range: € 0,16 to  € 0,66 / 1 arch ft.70x100 cm,  /without VAT /


The whole assortment is produced in the Czech Republic,

and except “Eco“ the products have pH. 8 – 8.7.

Samples E1 –E4 are with watermark „EXCUDIT CZ“, or without watermark.


Consulted with graphic shops of the Institute of Applied Arts in Prague





We wish you every success in the creative work with   paper EXCUDIT CZ


Updated 04 / 2007